Your "Digital strategy" should be your "Sales strategy". The days where your online presence should come second are long gone. But just being online is not enough: you need to present yourself and your business in a way it is appealing to your audience.

At the start of all our projects, we make sure we understand the goal of your product. This includes the role it might play in a sales pipeline, and how your online and offline channels integrate with it.

Design is so much more than just pretty colours or images: it is also how the user interacts with your website or application, and what it communicates and how.

Wireframes and prototyping

User experience, or UX for short, can seem like a difficult thing to grasp, perhaps like something that only developers understand. But the reality is that it is all about creating a product that is simple to use and understands its users.

It should feel like it is made specifically for YOU.

We make sure we get to know your intended audience, so that we can make the best UX design possible for your product, giving your users the best possible experience.

By making wireframes, which are graphic schematics of the skeletal framework of the product, and testing things out via prototypes, we can also get a better idea of what things will look like.

Mobile first

This being said, not everyone has to have a mobile application. However, we are browsing the internet more and more from our phones, so even a website should keep mobile in mind. A terrible experience when entering a website from your phone will keep you from going back to it later. Therefore, anything we do works from the smallest devices to the biggest of screens.

Graphic design

Once we know your user, your competition and your USP (that is, the Unique Selling Point, or characteristics that make your product stand out over others), have designed the wireframes and prototypes, we can start our work. It is only then what we can begin to implement what we have learnt into a stunning design for your user, setting the right mood of your product to ensure you get the result that you want and deserve.


Besides choosing the right colours, typography and images for your website or application, we are also capable of illustrating custom graphics or images just for you. Besides our in-house illustrator, we also have a network of artists we frequently work with.