Regardless of whether you need a mobile or web application, we can help you out.

Our process looks a little bit different depending on the type of project you are looking for, but our typical road map when we take on a new project looks something like this.

Stage 1: prototyping

Requirement collection

Together with our client, we discuss the goals and ideas they have about their specific application. We do this to find out what their user group is, and what we need to account for in the development process.

Specifications and quote

Once we know what the application should achieve, we can make an educated plan for the project, defining infrastructure and architecture. When we have a clear view of what problem to solve and how, we can outline a quote, so that we can all be in an agreement on price and delivery before we dive any deeper.

UX development

Once everyone is in agreement and any contracts that need to be signed have been signed, we get to work on the user experience design, or UX, together with the design team.


Still working with the design team, we start making wireframes of each screen of the application and the navigation between them.

Stage 2: production

MVP Development

We start off with a Minimum Viable Product, meaning a showcase with the essential number of functions. An MVP allows us to quickly test hypotheses and adjust plans.

UI Design

This is the step where we start spending more focus together with our designers to implement a polished design into the project, designing its building blocks. The UI, or User Interface, represents what the end user will interact with when using the product.

Final development

We produce a stable version of the project, ready to be published.

What happens after?

This depends on how involved our client wants us to be in the project after we have delivered the finished product. In most cases, we help with user support and consultation on further development and improvements.